Misty's Recipes

When our daughter was born her father made her baby food from fresh organic fruits, vegetables and eventually free range meats. Now our daughter is a veterinarian and the guiding light for MistyMeal ingredients and proportions. 



Balance Fresh and Frozen

All MistyMEALS include our signature veggie puree of broccoli, beetroot, pumpkin, carrot and cauliflower. Our egg soufflé in also incorporated into the meal biscuit.


Handy treats that last...

Our treat balls are semi-hard balls that last. Oat and pumpkin based, these treats have a dash of cinnamon and honey, Misty has even been known to play a little football with them.


Organic Brown Rice

Fresh organically grown from southern Thailand. 

Our Prices


Chicken/Duck/Egg/Bean  //  Pork/Duck/Egg/Bean  //  Fish/Duck/Egg/Bean

All MistyMeals include Veggies: Beet, Broccoli, Carrot, Pumpkin and BrownRice 

Each MistyMeals Double-Protein cake is 200G; the cakes can easily be separated into 100G cakes for convenient heating and serving.


1. MISTY'S 'WEEKEND PACK' (4 DoubleCakes):  400TBH

2. MISTY'S 'FAMILY PACK' (8 DoubleCakes):  800TBH*

3. MISTY'S 'FROZEN DOZEN' (12 DoubleCakes):  1000THB*

4. MISTY'S FAMILY GROWN ORGANIC BrownRice and MISTY'S EVERLASTING TREAT-BALLS are also available on request.

*Mixed flavors OK!

Contact us for special diet needs

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Our Excellence

All our products are dated can be frozen for up to two months or in a refrigerator for one week.

Storage and Handling

All our meals are fresh, frozen cakes which can be easily thawed at room temperature in 2 hours are heated in a microwave oven for 2 minutes.


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