Our Story

Misty was a homeless street puppy from southern Thailand who's picture ended up on FaceBook. I fell in love with her  and contacted my friends to assist in her retrieval. With their loving help she now has a home sweet home in Phuket, Thailand. Dad says she won the Thai-Street-Dog LOTTERY!

Our BackGround

Decades earlier when our daughter was born her dad made her baby-food from fresh organic fruits, vegetables and eventually free range meats. Now our daughter is in veterinarian studies and our guiding light for MistyMeal's ingredients and portioning. 

MistyMeals Products

Here's a list of our growing product line...

Misty's CHOW

Currently we have three different flavors and all include organic brown rice and our home-made veggie puree. A trace of salt is added for cell structure.  All of our vegetables are steam pressure cooked. 

Misty's TREATS

Misty TREATS are combinations or either pumpkin/blueberries or apple/peanut and oat based and flavored with a splash of honey cinnamon  They are free of artificial coloring and preservatives.  

Misty's BrownRice

Family grown and organic from southern Thailand. Available by the kilo.


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